While studying Romans, I discovered Romans 9:25. In this Chapter, God is talking to Israel but what He said to them and about them is also true of me. When I discovered this truth, I was stunned and I am left in awe of our great and gracious God. When there was nothing lovely or beloved about me - God called me beloved. Wow.

Learning to study the Bible inductively changed my life! Learning to discover truths from God's Word for myself has been an experience like none other. Slowing down to carefully observe Scripture has allowed me to see truths and understand them in new and thrilling ways. At times it is as though God's Words jump off the page, dance around the room, grab me and cause me to dance with them. Other times, I am brought to my knees in awe and wonder. Still other times God's tender Words cause me to weep, mourn and repent.

If you want to know experientially God and have a deep, intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, I encourage you to learn how to study the Word of God and discover truth for yourself. To the right, you'll find links to helpful tips and my favorite studies - all from Precept Ministries International. I am so grateful for this ministry and how God has used it to establish me in His Word!

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